Choosing which award to apply for

SAAMA is promoting 5 different awards. Each award has a similar but slightly different application form. The area of focus of each award is shown in the table below. Applicants are welcome to submit more than one application or the same applications to more than one award where applicable. 

Award Nominations are now closed.


Description of award


Project Achievement


An award to a project which has achieved an exceptional Asset Management and/or Maintenance outcome, notable for its eminence, effectiveness, efficiency, ethics, equity, and environmental impacts.  Examples of projects could be planning, operations, construction, information systems, business change, research projects, or implementation of an Asset Management or Maintenance System (or part thereof).


Individual Contribution Achievement


Someone with typically more than 5 years experience in asset management who has made a personal contribution to improving their business/organisation asset management practices or to the asset management knowledge base. 

SAAMA Council members are not eligible for this award.


Value Achievement


An award that demonstrates innovation in asset management which has delivered value in cost optimisation, increased performance, and risk reduction benefits.

Significant attention will be given to originality and contribution to whole-life asset management, risk management, impact on business performance, progress with implementation, integration into business and contribution to asset knowledge.

Young Asset Management Practitioner


To recognise the success of emerging talent (<5 years) in the field of asset management. The individual may be commencing their career in Asset Management or a new sector.

President’s Award


An award that recognises any individual who has made an exceptional and outstanding contribution to the development, embedment, and entrenchment of Asset Management in Southern Africa.

The individual must have made a significant contribution to their business/organisation or the asset management knowledge base that demonstrated capacitation, innovation and eminence in cost optimisation, increased performance, and risk reduction.