Risk-Based Inspection Technical Committee

Risk-Based Inspection Framework: A Structured Approach to RBI in South Africa (SAAMA document no. 01/01/21 Revision 01)

From its founding meeting the need was identified for a document that could serve as an introduction or awareness to Risk-Based Inspection knowledge domain. 

The beneficiary of such a document would be organisations or individuals seeking to learn more about the RBI landscape and what standards and practices are available to guide them through the journey. The RBI framework has all of the necessary references to establish and implement an RBI programme that would be eligible for certification when ready.

In early 2021, SAAMA published revision 1 of this RBI Framework for industry stakeholders that enables this first step towards their RBI journey.


SAAMA RBI Technical Committee July 2021

The SAAMA RBI technical committee continues to meet typically at a two-monthly interval, the focus of the meeting has developed two focus areas:

  1. A Skills sub-committee that has developed an RBI Skills Development Roadmap to develop foundational knowledge and skills in the field of RBI with SAAMA as the Assessment Quality Partner (the role of this technical committee). Therefore adequate industry representation is crucial to assist with inputs and commentary on the development of this work.

In scope is an awareness programme and two credit courses at Engineering undergraduate and postgraduate level that will be delivered through short learning programmes. The credit courses will be developed as a certified training programme for registration through the training certification process that is overseen by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority).

RBI Roles & Skills Matrix:

  • Compiled by RBI Skills Sub-Committee
  • Awareness delivered through short-courses
  • Knowledge & Expert levels for Engineers delivered through PGQ and Research

Knowledge & Expert levels for EPs delivered through EP programme

The training materials is progressing with great support from the team and is due for completion by October 2021.

  1. Marketing of RBI is being given a boost through innovative developments in the local insurance industry. Through the implementation of established maintenance and asset management practices, this insurance organisation together with a leading asset management service provider has conceptualised a new value offering to its customers. As this is implemented the SAAMA RBI committee hopes to share the development of this innovation, which will surely recognise that good asset management has direct benefits to the asset owner. Watch this space as this work unfolds.